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The annual energy production of individual wind turbines in complex terrain varies more than 30 %

[Data from BWE yearbook 2018]

Especially in complex terrain steep slope sides, differences in roughness length or tunnel effects create wind phenomena that lead to energy yield differences of more than 30 % for individual wind turbines within a single wind farm. The airborne wind measurement system WindLocator, developed at the Center for Wind Power Drives, enables autonomous, position-controlled measurement of local wind situations and thus yield-optimized park planning.

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WindLocator - airborne wind measurement system

Wind speed | Wind direction | Turbulence intensity

  • High-accuracy 3D ultrasonic anemometer

  • Evaluation unit for compensation of relevant motion and rotor influences by means of sensor fusion

  • Operational for wind speeds up to 25 m/s

  • Fast and efficient deployment compared to established systems (met mast, LIDAR and CFD)

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Our services


Screening potential wind farm sites

Selecting possible wind turbine locations in project development

Planning efficient measurement campaigns in coordination with relevant guidelines

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Analyzing wind speed profiles at existing wind turbines

Investigating wake effects

Validating simulations

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About us and our partners

CWD Aachen GmbH is your partner for collecting, analyzing and understanding local wind phenomena. We support you in observing and considering wind phenomena at an early stage within your wind farm development process.

As a spinoff of the Center for Wind Power Drives at RWTH Aachen University, we are well connected within the scientific community and are happy to avail of the expert knowledge of our partners.


Center for Wind Power Drives

As a renowned research institute, the CWD at RWTH Aachen University can rely on many years of expertise in the field of wind energy and strong ties to the industry.


IME Aachen GmbH

As a spinoff of the Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, IME Aachen GmbH is an expert in the field of metrology and modelling.

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Kaiserstraße 100, 52134 Herzogenrath

+49 (0) 2407 502 319 41

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